Proteins of the

Shaping the future of microalgae proteins in Europe

What is

ProFuture is a European-funded research project focused on boosting the production and use of microalgae protein-rich ingredients in food and feed.

The project counts 31 partners from 13 different European countries working together to create a more sustainable and cost-efficient microalgae industry.

In a nutshell, ProFuture aims to:


Make microalgae cultivation more efficient, sustainable and affordable;


Improve the production of protein-rich ingredients from microalgae biomasses;


Create nutritious and tasty foods and feeds using microalgae proteins;


Scale up production and seize the market for microalgae-based food and feed;

Why microalgae?

Food production systems rely heavily on Earth’s limited resources.

Particularly animal farming and aquaculture are driving forces of pollution, freshwater usage, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Future-proof food systems depend on alternative proteins that are more environmentally responsible, healthy and nutritious.

We believe that the future of proteins is green.

Why microalgae?

Microalgae are tiny aquatic plant-like organisms with an enormous potential to support the world’s protein supply while creating a more sustainable and competitive agri-food industry.

Rich nutritional value

Microalgae are a good source of proteins, polyunsaturated fats & bioactive compounds

Fast and efficient growth

Microalgae have higher productivity rates than some grains and cereals

Low ecological footprint

Microalgae require few natural resources to grow, do not compete for land with other crops and can help reduce pollution by capturing CO2